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Getting started with Angular CLI

The Angular CLI is a command line interface tool that was released as part of Angular 2. It helps you to scaffold, develop, test, lint and deploy angular apps.

Install Angular CLI

npm install -g @angular/cli

Create new project

ng new angular-project

You can supply more optional params to new command. More options here

Serve your project

cd new-project
ng serv

If you want to change port, proxy, SSL certificate and all other server config. More options here

Test your app with karma

ng test

Test will automatically run after build. Test command is in live-reload mode. If you want to execute it only once. Add flag –watch=false. More options here

Lint your app

You can list your entire application using tslint with the command. More options here

ng lint

Building your app

Build command compiles your application into a output directory.

ng build

You can customized both a build target and an environment by passing –target and –environment flags respectively. More options here


Any default values can be overridden in angular-cli.json at the root level generated during ng new command.

More wiki about customizing Angular CLI here