Bangalore Day Trip - Belur and Halebidu

May 22, 2017

Belur and Halebidu are fine examples are Hoysala architecture. An idea destination for a road trip from bangalore.

It’s ideal for a day trip in motorbike, car or train. If you are on a car or bike, you can cover Sharvanabelagola, which is on the way to Hassan. If you like to take it slow and experience the countryside. Take a train ride.


Bangalore - Arsikere - Belur - Halebidu - Arsikere - Banglaore

Arsikere is a highway town, well connected via road and rail network. The bus stand is around 200m from the railway station. There are couple of ATM’s and Hotels dotted along the way to the bus stand. You can finish your breakfast at Arsikere and pick up some fruits /water bottles for your day plan. There are one ATM in Belur and one in Halebidu, but I recommend you to carry backup cash. Later, I came to know Arsikere has a Shivalaya temple. Do checkout it out.

First stop from Arsikere is Belur. From bus stand The Chennakesava Temple is 10 minutes walk away. Set up in a beautiful ground plan and intricate stone carving style unique to Hosalya Kingdom style. You can spend hours lost in the beauty of this temple complex. Unlike, the Halebidu temple, Chennakesava Temple is an active center for pilgrimage. No tickets to be brought. Free entry without footwear. Take a bus back to Halebidu after belur, which is 15 km.

Halebidu: A small sleepy village with The Hoysaleshwara Temple as its center of attention. The enclosure include a Museum and well maintained green lawn. The entry gate is filled with booksellers and small ornament sellers. It’s a small complex compared to Belur, but peaceful.

The bus-stand at Halebidu is right across the temple. Take a bus back to Arsikere and its gonna take an hour plus time. Take a train back to Bangalore.

Train Details:

The closest railway station is Arsikere ( ASK ), 180 kms from Bangalore. Halebidu is about 5 kms from Arsikere and Belur is another 15 kms from Halebidu. Arsikere is an important connecting station in south western railway. So, lot of train stop by for change of train. If you are planning for a day trip, there’s a fast train perfect for day trip:

Bangalore Central ( SBC ) to Arsikere ( ASK ) Morning: 06:00 AM: Train no: 12079 Jan Shatabdi

Arsikere ( ASK ) to Bangalore Central ( SBC ): 18:40 : Train no: 12080 Jan Shatabdi

Bus from Arsikere to Belur:

Two type of bus service available, express and shuttle. Obviously, the shuttle ones are too slow and the ride feels like never ending. But, it’s a joy to enjoy the rolling terrain.